Note Taker is a revolutionary note taking technology combining the note pad, sound recorder, camera and email tool all in one with the power of the iPad. You can record the audio while taking notes, play back the sound recording of the moment you typed each line on the notepad, take photos of slides or interviewer while taking note, and email the note, audio file and photos with a click of an email button.

What can Note Taker used for?

This is a great tool for note taking in lectures for college or university students, or business use in interviews and business meetings. Or you can use it as a general iPad audio recorder and camera tool with instant email feature embedded. The potential use of this app is only limited by your imagination.

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Click and Start

Click 'NoteTaker' Icon on your iPad's menu to start. Select "New Note" on the top menu to start a new note or "Load Note" to review previously written notes. Select note search modes at the bottom tab bar. Note Taker supports note search by Tags (keywords) and note search by Date. Select "Delete Note" in "Show All" bottom tab view to delete notes. Tap the red circle on the left of note title of the note list and click "DELETE" button on the right.

Icons and buttons

The audio record button: Use this button in "New Note" view to start audio recording. You will see the record button turns green from red. Tap it again to stop the recording, tap again to overwrite the recorded audio and start a new recording.

When the sound is recording, each time you type "RETURN" key on the keypad to start new line, a new audio marker will be generated on the left-hand side of the new line in note pad.

When you review saved notes, tap on these left side audio markers next to each line to playback the sound recording starting from the the beginning of the line when you typed. This unique feature is invented specially for lecture note taking. You can listen to the sound recording synchronised to your note at each new line you typed.

In case you missed the details while note taking, you can go back to the line after the session, listen to the playback again later and amend your notes. The circle "record" button will be replaced by the triangle "play" button in "Loaded Note" view.

This button is used to take a full screen photo with your iPad's camera. You can take as many photos as you want on the lecture slides, or protrait photo of the interviewee/applicant, or for any other purposes. The taken photos will appear under the note pad and you can email them out.

Icons and buttons continues

Photo gallery button: You can attach previous taken photos from the default iPad photo library to your notes. The attached images will appear under the note pad with other photos taken from the camera.

Simple email button to send your note with audio file and photo attachments. Make sure you have insert the recipient's email address before sending.

Save button: Your note and attached images are not saved until you tap this button. So use it often to save your notes. However, when you tap the record button to stop the sound recording the app will automatically save the note for you. You can amend note and re-save it (overwrite) later when you review it in "Loaded Note" view.

Bottom tab menu under note list

List all: tap this to see all saved notes. "Delete Note" button on top menu can be found in this view.

Search by tag: tap this to do a keyword search by tags.

Search by date: tap this to select note by saved date.

Instruction: General instruction on how to use the Note Taker app.

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